Today and ALL ways, Make Love a Verb

Happy Valentine’s Day!

How much do you love your partner? What I mean is, how much do you show your
love through your caring behaviors? Do you love your partner in the way that he / she wants to be loved?

Remember the platinum rule:  Do unto others what they would have done unto them.

I had the pure joy of presenting a workshop this past weekend.   It was positive and connecting, the couples were beautifully willing to learn about each other, and all in all did some fabulous stuff, like unpacking conflicts, and replacing distant, defensive sparse communication with understanding and connection.   And learning that our partner lives in a world where the perspective is different. Not wrong –just different.

We also helped partners remember what lights each other up, and how much they love it!

The more we show our love through those thoughtful, caring behaviors, the more positive our relationship becomes, and the better we all feel about ourselves.

We are all about eliminating negativity, restoring connection, and improving the quality of life as we grow and grow up.

The more you live in the love, the cooler your life together.

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