Workshops for couples are weekend intensives, where you attend a class, essentially. You spend concentrated time with your partner in a safe environment. Privacy is respected at all times, and your dialogues are assigned in a breakout, so that you never have to speak if you don't want to. You both learn about relationship stages, why the power struggle happens, and how to and live together more intentionally. You learn why negativity is so toxic and addictive, what "eliminating negativity" really means (you will not be perfect, but learning to do good repair is key). Fundamentally, you'll learn to communicate effectively, have fun and leave connected and inspired.

Please check our calendar for current events listing. Jeannie regularly provides Imago workshops “Getting The Love You Want” and “Start Right Stay Connected“.

Getting the Love You Want has saved many marriages in crisis. It is highly recommended for couples who want to end negativity and create a more fulfilling life together. Click to find out what it is like to attend the Getting The Love You Want workshop. This is a wonderful opportunity to restore your connection. The cost of this two-day experience is $795 per couple if you register 3 weeks in advance. Otherwise, it's $845. This includes fees, manuals / supplies and snacks. Lodging, if needed, is on your own.

Oprah regularly talked about Imago and specifically this workshop. You can hear her discussing it here:

The Imago Start Right Stay Connected program is founded on the most recent research as well as the clinical experience of hundreds of marriage counselors from around the world. It gives couples the solid foundation they are seeking to begin married life together and to build a strong spiritual foundation. the cost of this 5 hour seminar is $249 per couple, and includes manual, handouts, coffee and light snacks.

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