Getting The Love You Want


Relationships begin in such intense and blissful connection. After a while, that connection lessens and the original object of our intense desire somehow becomes the source of our frustration. In other words, "the thing we fall in love with ends up being the thing that drives us nuts".

Why does this happen?

Come and explore the unconscious attraction that brought you together, how it becomes the source of conflict, and what to do about it. In the Getting the Love You Want weekend workshop, we discover the psychology of attraction and the power struggle. You will also be given an array of tools designed to help your relationship move beyond the patterns of negative reactivity and into conscious love, where you live more intentionally, communicate more effectively and feel connected again.

As a Certified Imago Relationship Therapist, I get to see wonderful healing and amazing re-connections with couples in my office. My job is educating (Imago Theory) and deepening communication in order to create the connection, understanding and healing. This is my passion. I love it because it works.

If you want to accelerate “getting to the love”, we strongly encourage the weekend, which is connecting, intensive and comparable to dozens of private sessions. By Sunday afternoon, you are in a much better place, and fighting is no longer necessary because you have a much more effective means to resolve relationship conflict, even achieving a feeling of connection in the process.

Oprah regularly talked about Imago and specifically this workshop. You can hear her discussing it here:

The workshop is primarily educational. My presentation style tends to be lively and interactive. You will be engaged, but YOU WILL NOT BE REQUIRED TO DISCLOSE PERSONAL INFORMATION. It presents information on many relationship issues, including the psychology of attraction, the brain and chemistry involved in partner selection, why and how we fight and do the things we do in relationship (and nowhere else), and more. It also teaches effective ways to create conscious love in place of the power struggle, eliminating the need for fighting and defensive behavior. We'll also explore a number of ways to connect and re-romanticize your relationship.

Financially and time wise, the weekend is more economical because you get a lot of information and practical help for much less than therapy fees.

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Understandably, you have questions about the workshop. Perhaps the answers below will address them. If you have other questions, please feel free to contact Jeannie at Jeannie is happy to meet with you for a free 15 minute Zoom call to answer your questions, and for you to get a sense of her.

Fastest way to improve your relationship!

Typically, couples do not seek relationship counseling when things are going well, so it’s not unusual that I see couples at a crisis point.

Your relationship may be in crisis because of some external threat or betrayal of trust, such as an affair. Or maybe the fighting has just become too frequent or painful. Perhaps the relationship has just turned cold and distant. Each of these constitutes a painful existence, and this is usually when people search for a couple’s therapist.

Sometimes, couples just realize that they've grown apart, living more like roommates than lovers. The workshop is energizing, and results in a surprising amount of intimacy. As one couple recently commented, "this workshop may have well saved our marriage by helping us reconnect what we thought we had lost".

Relationships follow patterns and couples often feel that they are having the same argument over and over. It’s exhausting and unproductive. Your options are to keep fighting, keep distancing, leave and start over with someone else, or get help. (Just FYI about starting over, and speaking of patterns: if you leave and start over without awareness of what is really going on under the surface, you will likely end up in the same situation.)

Without a doubt, the most effective way to save a relationship in trouble is this: do a combination of Imago Relationship Therapy and a Getting the Love You Want Weekend Workshop. Why? Several answers:

  1. Because the workshop is enlightening, connecting and extremely positive and hopeful, and works quickly to get your therapy off to a productive start.
  2. Because the workshop is efficient - it accomplishes the equivalent of weeks in therapy.
  3. Because the workshop gives you a set of tools and instructions for using them, AND….
  4. The follow-up therapy ensures that you actually use the tools you were given.
  5. It’s more cost-effective to attend a workshop, and it is CERTAINLY more cost-effective than divorce and maintaining two households!
  6. The combination of therapy and workshop increases the chances of turning a negative relationship into a positive, loving relationship in fairly short order.

The workshop provides a dramatic shift that helps you feel closer and connected. You will have a new understanding and a new skill-set. The old negative patterns, however, could creep back in without regular exercise of a new skill-set. Weekly sessions coach you on staying with your new skills until they become your new, effective pattern. Habits take about 12 weeks to be formed, so after you’ve invested in a workshop and experienced positive change as a result, you want to be sure the change is permanent.

You may also want to join an advanced couples group after a workshop. This is a group of workshop attendees who meet a couple of times a month in Jeannie's office, for the purpose of reinforcing the workshop effect. Some topics are "review", and some are new, aimed at personal and relational healing and growth.

Conflict is growth trying to happen. There is a reason for the power struggle phase of the relationship and the reason is NOT for you to suffer or be miserable. It IS a portal for growth and healing for you and your partner. Sign up today. Discover the conscious, mature relationship. You will not regret the experience of growth and healing.

What is it like to attend an Imago Workshop?

Jeannie is a warm, compassionate, friendly, engaging presenter with a humorous style, who fervently believes that a workshop should be both fun and educational. She will take you on an interesting, safe, guided tour of

  • Stages in a relationship
  • Why the power struggle is necessary for growth
  • How and our childhood makes us who we are
  • Why our partners trigger us so badly
  • The things our survival mechanisms do to protect us and why they create even more problems (also known as “who are you and what did you do with the person I fell in love with”?)
  • What to do about all of this
  • An amazingly effective communication style that allows you to be heard and understood by your partner
  • Individual assistance if you want it
  • Creating a positive, mature, conscious relationship
  • Reconnecting with your partner – rediscovering the person you fell in love with

In addition to the guided tour, you will be given a workbook that helps you unravel the relationship mysteries and problems. You will be given specific exercises (topics to discuss with your partner in private) to help you understand each other without triggering defensiveness. Here is video shot during and after a recent workshop.

She will use movie clips and other aids to illustrate teachings.

She will offer to work with couples as a demonstration, but will never coerce anyone. It is purely voluntary. Often, couples find it extremely helpful to have a dialogue coach, and seeing this demonstration is always helpful to observers.

It’s fun, casual, safe and positive, and she guarantees you will learn something new or your money will be cheerfully refunded.*

She’ll even provide tasty snacks and the opportunity to meet others on the path to living in positive, conscious, intentional relationships.

Won't our personal issues be exposed in a workshop?

It is a common concern that the workshop will publically expose something private and vulnerable. Because of this, couples are sometimes reluctant to attend a workshop. Please be ASSURED that your safety and privacy are Jeannie’s top priority. The workshop is like a seminar or class; she will provide information using stories, movie clips, short lectures, and writing exercises. She will also assign dialogues and exercises you and your partner will complete in private, using your manual as a guide. You will never be required to share anything personal. The entire workshop is designed and conducted with your safety and privacy in mind.

My partner and I really do not fight. Do we need a workshop?

This depends on how satisfied you are with your relationship and your connection. If you do not fight because you are not addressing conflicts at all, then yes, a workshop would be very helpful for you. If your lack of fighting is due to your ability to communicate positively and resolve issues, large, small, positive and negative; if you both feel seen, heard, understood, honored and valued; if you have fun together, close intimacy (emotional and sexual), a shared life and goals and vision for the future, you may want to recommend a workshop to your friends who are not so fortunate! If, however, you are frustrated with your relationship because it's either hot (fighting) or cold (withdrawing) and want these things in your daily life, then do yourselves a favor and sign up today.

More and more, new couples are attending Getting the Love You Want Workshops in order to keep their relationship vibrant, prevent destructive patterns from ever emerging, and make the most of their life together.

What is the agenda for the workshop?

The workshop begins Friday evening at 6:00 for 1.5 hours, then we pick up again at 9:00 AM Saturday. (Please arrive  a few minutes early in order to settle in before the workshop begins.) We'll provide snacks / coffee breaks during the day and lunch is on your own for 1.5 hours usually around 12:30. Return to the workshop at 2:00 PM and finish up around 5:30. Sunday, we'll begin at 1:00 PM, and then finish up around 5:00 - 5:30 PM.

The schedule may vary, especially for a destination workshop.

What should we wear to the workshop?

It's your weekend! Please dress casually and comfortably. Jeans and t-shirts are welcome. Please bring layers in case you get hot or cold. We want you to be comfortable!

What should we bring to the workshop?

Your workshop fee includes a workbook for each of you, as well as pencils. You can expect coffee, water, and light snacks. Feel free to bring anything else you think you may want or need.

We suggest dressing in layers and for your own comfort. You will do a lot of writing and private dialoguing, so no need for dressing up.

Finally, bring your sense of curiosity. This workshop has the potential to be life changing for you and your partner if you are open to trying the “new way to live and love”.

We look forward to having you in the workshop!


Experts say that workshops and marriage education seminars are the wave of the future. Research in the Journal of Family Psychology suggests that marriage education cuts the divorce rate significantly. It is much more economical and effective to proactively learn about relationships through a workshop.

  • Saving your marriage or relationship may be the best investment you can make.
  • You prevent future problems and issues by learning how to address conflicts.
  • You leave knowing how to navigate the communication issue.
  • A workshop is roughly equivalent to 12 weeks of therapy.
  • You discover that other couples are working through similar issues.
  • You give each other an enormous gift by spending a weekend creating the relationship you DO want.
  • You leave feeling restored and reconnected.
  • You learn to work as a team.
  • You learn to model a healthy, happy relationship for your children.
  • You will not regret this investment.

See what previous workshop attendees are saying:

  • "We just wanted to write and share our wedding picture... we are truly one of your success stories..."
  • "I just wish we had done this years ago..."
  • "...the workshop was a beautiful experience in every regard...unforgettable and life changing..."
  • "We are at a new place in our relationship after this weekend and cannot sufficiently thank you..."
  • "I walked away from the workshop filled with hope and ad new understanding of myself and my partner..."
  • "If you and yours want to learn some wonderful life and relationship lessons and techniques - why we are as we are, what makes each of us tick, how to truly listen to one another, how to BE in a relationship - take advantage of this...truly life changing...and Jeannies style is wonderfully peaceful and honest!"
  • “I learned constructive ways to communicate with my partner to resolve conflicts…”
  • “ changing weekend for us truly…in our relationship as well as our personal lives with family and friends”.

If you want more information on articles to help you and your partner in your journey, please review the following:

About the Presenter

Jeannie Ingram - Getting The Love You Want

Jeannie Ingram is a Licensed Professional Counselor, Consultant, Certified Imago Relationship Therapist
and Workshop Presenter with more than 35 years of professional experience. She spent 15 years working
for non-profits, 10 years in private practice in Atlanta, and has been in private practice in Nashville, TN for 10 years.

After all this hard work, she’s learned a few things; not the least of which is the extraordinary value of fun and laughter! She is a warm, humorous, approachable, engaging presenter and therapist who derives much joy and meaning from helping individuals and couples heal and live more conscious, intentional, purposeful lives.

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Registration & Payment

The total cost of attending a Getting the Love You Want workshop is $795 per couple. There is a $50 discount if your full payment is received 3 weeks prior to the workshop.


To register online, click here. If registering manually, please do the following:

  • Download the registration form in PDF.
  • Return the registration form via email or mail.
  • Send payment.
  • See FAQ's for pricing, cancellation policy and other information about the workshop.
  • Check the event listing for specific location.


To pay by check, please mail payment to:

Jeannie Ingram
525 Sneed Road
Nashville, TN 37221

To pay by credit card, please call Jeannie Ingram at (404)444-1058.

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If you are registering for the Getting the Love You Want Workshop for Couples held at DuBose Conference Center then follow your next step below.

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Couple's Workshop
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Package 1 — Full Package lodging, three meals and snacks per couple $ 350.52

Lodging, two for breakfast on Sat and Sun, two at Sunday lunch and snacks for two
We highly recommend that you sign up for this full package and that you stay at DuBose.

Total $ 350.52

Package 2 — Three Meals & all Snacks per couple $ 131.10

Two for breakfast on Sat and Sun, two at Sunday lunch and snacks for two

We also want to be flexible and realize that some couples have other accommodations in Monteagle but would still join the group for breakfast and Sunday lunch.

Total $ 131.10

Package 3 — Sun Lunch & all Snacks per couple $ 83.03

We also realize that other accommodations might include breakfast so we have set this package as the minimum that everyone must pay. This covers two for Sunday lunch which is required and all snacks.

Total $ 83.03

Registration: in order to guarantee accommodations at DuBose registration with DuBose is required no later than 10 days before workshop start.

Cancellation: full refund if cancellation occurs before the Monday prior to workshop start, $50 fee for cancellation on that Monday or after. DuBose's cancellation is separate from and in addition to what Jeannie charges.

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