Client Testimonials

A must for any couple considering breaking up. - August 2022 Participant

Two days spent with Jeannie, Carolyn and Chelsea will result in a lifetime of happiness, fulfillment. Thank you guys with all of my heart. We are forever in your debt. - August 2022 Participant.

This workshop was the best thing we’ve done for our relationship. Jeannie’s skill, approach and knowledge was exactly what we needed. The information and skills we learned probably saved our relationship. Jeannie is a real asset to anyone needing help in their relationship. - August 2022 Participant

Jeannie and Carolyn are delightful! The workshop is something that MUST be experienced. It is safe, healing and transformational. - November 2021 Participant

My partner and I really enjoyed all of the intentional time within the workshop to practice loving and caring for each other. - November 2021 Participant

Engaging, thoughtful and inspiring! Thank you! - November 2021 Participant

Great job! We learned a lot and will use the info in the workbook to practice - November 2021 Participant

Jeannie and Carolyn were fantastic, and Lucky is adorable! - November 2021 Participant

Jeannie is very supportive and easy to understand. Her experience is obvious and reassuring. She also normalizes the relationship struggles we experience, which makes it more comfortable to discuss. - November 2021 Participant

Jeannie is a great presenter and listener. She takes her time to make everyone comfortable. She even used video of her and Carolyn as an example of how helpful / powerful the dialogues can be. - November 2021 Participant

“I really appreciated the workshop in its entirety. The content is “simple” yet profound, and Jeannie was a warm, thoughtful, clear and insightful presenter who struck a perfect balance of supportive guide and chatty / relatable married person. Also loved the music and generous snacks.” - May 2021 Participant

“Jeannie is a deeply compassionate and relatable presenter who made us feel welcome, supported and engaged throughout the workshop.”  - May 2021 Participant

“The experience of emotional connection and total focus will be a touchstone for us moving forward.”  - May 2021 Participant

“Truly amazing!” “Recommend to any couple entering a relationship, struggling or wanting to enhance a good or even great relationship.”  - May 2021 Participant

“Jeannie was wonderful. She kept the workshop entertaining will real life examples and humor. I would highly recommend attending the workshop. It is obvious she has a passion for what she does and truly cares about her clients.”  - May 2021 Participant

“This workshop helped us get to the root cause of our relationship struggle.” - May 2021 Participant

“Jeannie was a wonderful presenter!” “We will use the imago practice moving forward and I’m confident we will continually feel more and more connected.” “Thank you Jeannie!” - May 2021 Participant

“I’ve never resisted or learned so much from anything else in my life!”  - May 2021 Participant

“Thank you for providing this service to couples; this is a powerful curriculum”  - July 2019 Participant

“This course provides invaluable tools for healing and enriching relationships” - August 2019 participant

“This workshop and presenter are of the utmost professionalism and highest standard of caring and value toward all of the couples and their needs… everything about the workshop and presenter are the best and most educated you will find” - August, 2019 participant

“Jeannie loves what she does… her passion for healing is powerful.  I am grateful to her” - August 2019 participant

“The Imago practice will buy us a future together when maybe we could not have found our way to the next phase of our relationship.  It’s like having a new toolbox of tools, without which we could not have fixed what has ailed us two turtles for years”. - August 2019 participant.

“Jeannie Ingram has been the absolute best to work with”. - August 2019 participant

“This workshop has saved our marriage.  We separated one week ago and were both at all time lows in our perception of our relationship and hope for the future. At this moment, after sixteen plus years, I feel closer to my husband than I have in a decade”.  - July 2019 participant

“Setting aside the weekend for us to do the workshop went miles toward saving our marriage.  It would have taken us months or years in marriage counseling to get as far as we did in the workshop.  Highly recommend”.  - July 2019 participant.

“Very safe and welcoming environment”. - July 2019 participant

“This is the best thing that has happened to us in years.  We both opened up and addressed what we need and what we have been doing to prevent the other from being able to give… Thank You Thank You Thank You.”  - July 2018 Participant

“Safe and healing process for any relationship.”   - July 2018 Participant

“Thank you for such an engaging workshop.”    - July 2018 Participant

“Jeannie was an excellent trainer and the Imago Workshop setting allowed us to make a lot of progress in a short amount of time.”  - July 2018 Participant

“We came away from the workshop with renewed hope”.  - July 2018 Participant

“This workshop revealed things about my partner I didn’t understand; now I feel closer to him and hopeful for our future”.  - July 2018 Participant

“An outstanding, life-changing workshop”!  - July 2018 Participant

“This workshop was eye-opening for both of us… I have a better understanding and clarity about my husband’s needs, what’s driving those and my areas for growth than at any time in two decades”   - July 2018 Participant

“These two days helped us turn a critical corner in our marriage - and will help us create a positive future”.  - July 2018 Participant

We are grateful we were able to attend your “Getting the Love You Want” workshop.  WE continue to utilize the Imago Dialogue and feel that we are benefiting from that and our relationship keeps growing.  Thanks for helping us and so many others with your wisdom, techniques and calm demeanor.  Best wishes for a wonderful New Year!
~ Fall, 2018 Workshop Attendees

From Weekend Workshop Attendees:

"Hi Jeannie! I just want to say "thank you" for how skillfully and delicately you presented the workshop this past weekend. I am sure you hear this frequently, but this was exactly what we needed to re-energize us in our marriage. I feel a hope that I haven't felt in years. I know it isn't a magic wand, but I feel like we have such great tools to utilize now. I feel like we can have the "happily ever after" marriage now, which is something I have never felt before. I couldn't be more excited about this blessing.

Thank you for your mission work in marriage therapy - couples like us who were at the end of our rope need your talents immensely.

I will love you forever now! 🙂 "

"We were skeptical to say the least. We agreed to do this workshop so we could say we tried. Little did we know two days later, we would be in such a good place. All I can say is 'thank you'. This has saved our relationship, and we are forever grateful".

"I love my wife, but I didn't like her. She didn't like me either. Now hope has been restored, and we have an entire set of tools to keep our relationship positive and healthy".

"I learned that I have been triggering my partner's deepest fear. More importantly I learned what my partner needs to feel connected to me. Thank you for helping us get to a better place".

"Jeannie is genuinely safe, warm, knowledgeable and knows relationships"!

"...the workshop was a beautiful experience in every regard...unforgettable and life changing..."

"We are at a new place in our relationship after this weekend and cannot sufficiently thank you..."

"I walked away from the workshop filled with hope and ad new understanding of myself and my partner..."

"If you and yours want to learn some wonderful life and relationship lessons and techniques - why we are as we are, what makes each of us tick, how to truly listen to one another, how to BE in a relationship - take advantage of this...truly life changing...and Jeannies style is wonderfully peaceful and honest!"

“I learned constructive ways to communicate with my partner to resolve conflicts…”

“ changing weekend for us truly…in our relationship as well as our personal lives with family and friends”.

From Former Clients and Class Attendees:

"Thank you, Jeannie for giving me the ability to break down these walls and see myself for who I really am and be ok with that. I now have the courage to love myself and know that I deserve to be loved. I now walk through the world with a different perspective and love for the simple things in life. With your help, I know that anything is possible, I just have to set my vision and clear the doubt. After our meetings, I would get in my car, turn the tunes up too loud and sing with excitement for the rest of the day. Thank you for changing my perspective and giving me the confidence in who I am."

"Jeannie, I hope all is well for you. Not often in our jobs do we ever get to hear how much we have helped someone, so I wanted to take a minute to tell you how well I am doing. I am the happiest I have ever been in my life, enjoying life with a large circle of new friends and my wonderful family. I am in a really healthy relationship someone who respects me and honors my values and makes me feel good about myself. I have finally found some life-work balance, although that has been difficult. I just wanted to thank you and let you know that the lessons I learned with the work we did have translated into a much happier and peaceful life."

Former Counseling Client

"...beneficial, positive and motivating. I have much more clarity."

Tiffany Cochran
11 Alive News
Atlanta, Georgia

"I loved this class! It helped me better understand why and how I got where I am, helped me get over the inertia, and move toward living 'my new life'."

Gin Wallace
Business Consultant
Atlanta, Georgia

"This class was extremely thought-provoking with a great blend of focus on introspection and action. My biggest hurdle was in believing I could move from dreams to reality. Jeannie has clarified the steps, internally and externally, that are fundamental to the process."

Christy Calbos
Atlanta, Georgia

"I had a wonderful and informative experience being in Ms. Jeannie Ingram's training sessions. She was well-organized and sensitive to the needs of the participants. She was always engaging, prepared and interactive with her audience. Jeannie makes sure her groups know what to do and do what they know!"

Ralph Allsopp, PhD
Chief Psychologist
City of Atlanta

"Jeannie's presentation to our staff was enlightening, motivating and entertaining. Her low key approach and her references to Mosely, her dog, gave everyone confidence that she lives in the real world and that her words of wisdom can be applied to real world situations. Next time she speaks to our group we want Mosely to come too!"

Susan Levine
Communications Manager
Childcare Resources
Birmingham, Alabama

"I've been to many presentations. This presenter was easy to understand, the presentation very rewarding and worthwhile. I wish we had more time."

Carol Byrd
Birmingham, Alabama

"I feel you covered every area and did a good job. You were very helpful to me."

Delores Turner
Birmingham, Alabama

"Jeannie's session with my staff inspired confidence, energy and enthusiasm during a time when office moral was at an all time low. She was able to address our unique business concerns in a very succinct and upbeat fashion. Job performance and attitude changed dramatically after her visit and we can't wait for her return."

Dr. Garrison Meighen
New Horizon1s Eyecare
Birmingham, Alabama

"Thank you for helping me overcome my phobias. I now go out into the world without fear of a panic attack; it's hard to describe how liberated I am. Thank you for helping me get my life back."

Former client previously diagnosed with agoraphobia

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