Private Intensives

Are you interested in doing the deeper relational work of couples therapy, but want to see results sooner than weekly therapy allows? Has divorce come up in conversations with your partner, or are you considering it?

Jeannie offers two options: You can attend a Getting the Love You Want weekend workshop, or perhaps you want something more private.

Consider an intensive. Combine the focused time on your relationship, the depth of what we can unpack together during this time, with learning impeccable communication skills and you can see why a couples intensive might be a good fit for you and your partner. What would that look like?

We would schedule one, two or three days together during the week. You arrive at 8:45 AM and we begin at 9:00 AM for our first segment. We’ll spend time on each of you, your childhood, how you grew up, where and with whom, and we'll unpack your history.  You will learn why both you and your partner show up in the ways you do, and make sense out of what’s happening. We’ll explore the stages in your relationship, unpack your dynamic, learn / practice Imago Intentional Dialogue, deepening your understanding of yourself and your partner.  We will focus on all aspects of your relationship, deepening connection, having some fun and laughter, increasing intimacy. You’ll learn about parts of yourself you only see in your partner, and how reclaiming these “lost parts” helps us grow and feel more alive. We’ll create a vision and a plan for staying on track for the next few months.

An intensive is the equivalent of three months of couples therapy, so the price averages out to be roughly the same as weekly therapy.

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Jeannie Ingram Private Intensives

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