Imago Clinical Training for Therapists

Imago Certified Relationship Therapist

Clinical Training Nashville, TN

What is the path to Certification in Imago Relationship Therapy (IRT)?

Prerequisite: Attend (as a participant) at a Getting the Love You Want Weekend Workshop.

Attend all 12 Days of Imago Clinical Training delivered in three four-day modules as detailed below.

6 months of follow up clinical consultation (monthly), showing videos of your developing skill in IRT.

Assist at a Getting the Love You Want Weekend Workshop during or shortly after Clinical Training.


12 Day Imago Clinical Training will be provided by:

Jeannie Ingram, Nashville, TN


Module 1: January 23-26, 2024

Module 2: March 4-7, 2024

Module 3: April 22-25, 2024

The investment for the FULL 12 Day Imago Clinical Training is $3000. The workshop cost as a participant is $795. Clinical Consultation is $75 per session. If you'd like to bundle everything, the total cost is $4000, which includes training, workshop and six clinical consultation sessions.

If you're interested but not ready to commit to the full 12 days, you can take Days 1 & 2 for $250 / day, then decide if you want to pursue the full training and certification.

What you will learn: Generally, you will become an expert in working with couples. Specifically, in the first two days, we’ll explore Imago Relationship Therapy, the basic ideas and assumptions, what it means to be a couples therapist, as well as theories and processes from the "Imago Toolbox”. In days 3 and 4, we’ll dive deeper into Imago Theory with a closer look at the human brain, attachment theory, the process of socialization and the lost self. These modules are highly experiential, so you'll experience connection as a sender, receiver and facilitator in the Imago Intentional Dialogue. At the end of Module 1, we'll look at how to structure the first and subsequent therapy sessions.

You can make a $500 deposit to save your spot.

For more information and registration visit Imago Relationships North America at

Credit for previously taking days 1-4 is given. For details contact

Ask about our payment plan.

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