Relationship Improvement Evenings for Couples

This option is especially attractive for couples who need affordable relationship counseling, or may not be able to attend a weekend workshop. This is a ten session small group (3 couples) during which I will teach a relevant concept to help you understand unconscious relationship dynamics, why you do the things you do (yes there is a reason), and give you the tools to improve your relationship. It's kind of a workshop spread out over several weeks. I will teach you to use the Imago intentional dialogue and give you specific assignments to help you communicate your needs and restore your connection. Imago work helps you go deeper in your understanding of each other. And feeling understood is powerfully connecting.

Is a Group Right for You?

Do you love each other, but have trouble communicating?

Do you want to stay together?

Are you interested / curious about Imago therapy?

Do you need an evening session?

Do you want affordable relationship help?

Would you like to have a better relationship within three months?

If you answered yes to these questions, consider participating in my Monday Relationship Improvement Evenings.


You are never required to speak publicly about your relationship issues. I completely understand that you need a sense of safety and privacy, and promise to create that for you. The evenings are about learning what's really going on in the "same old argument", so I teach concepts, and then give you the tools, time and space to discuss your issues privately. I will check on you and help, if needed. If you'd like to learn more, give me a call or email me. My phone is 404.444.1058, and email is



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