A New Way to Look at It

There are times in a relationship where we feel deeply understood, happy, hopeful, loved and connected.

You probably felt it first in your relationship when you fell in love. Maybe this was WHY you fell in love. It was blissful experience for you both, and you felt alive and passionate, and you could not have imagined ever feeling anything less.

Yes, feeling deeply understood is a powerful aphrodisiac.

The disappointment and pain that accompanies the “power struggle” phase of the relationship actually brings down 50% of relationships unnecessarily. I am on a mission to change that.  Why would we continue the painful, destructive pattern, when we can positively change it, and live happily together?

Especially when there is a reason for the conflict, and that reason is growth, healing and ultimate happiness. Think of the power struggle is “growing pains”. Let’s work through it and get to the good stuff. Conflict is growth trying to happen.  And here is the cool part: conflicts lead to better connections than you could have had otherwise!

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