To everything there is a season, and time to every purpose under heaven:  a time to be born, and a time to die… – Ecclesiastes 3: 1-2.

As kids, many of us had more than one “Mama”.  Your best friend’s Mom fed you, looked after you, tucked you in at sleep-overs, treated you like one of her own.  I’ve been blessed to maintain a close friendship for 47 years with my dear friend Donna, and a special relationship with “Easie”, who died last night with her loving family all around her.  All these years, she was Donna’s Mom, but in childhood and adulthood, having lost my own mother a few years ago, I found great comfort and joy in Easie’s presence.  All these years, she’s been there, cooking and caring, laughing and relishing in her role as “Mama” to all of her “kids”.

This morning, I pause to remember her, and honor her life.  Strong, strong Easie.  She was quite a character, great sense of humor, fantastic southern cook, hard worker, loving mother, generous and strong in character.  No matter the burden, she carried on tirelessly.  Though she could be feisty, she was a loving, forgiving soul.  I will remember her always as “Mama”, and hopefully embody a few of her qualities.

To everything there is a season. We are all born, and we all die. And with any luck or grace, we learn how to live by remembering those who die before us.  Today I intend to remember and appreciate what I learned from her, I will try to be generous, forgiving, caring, loving, I will keep my sense of humor, hopefully, and stand up for what I believe.  I may even eat chicken and dumpings and turnip greens, but they won’t be the same without her seasoning.

Godspeed, Easie.  We will miss you; we will always love you.

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