There are certain things we just long for that are so satisfying, and give life such rich texture.  What is it about those moments when you’re tasting something delicious, or you’re on a much anticipated trip, or you’re with someone or doing something you really love?  You’re present — completely in the now.  Enjoying.  Slowing down.  Appreciating.  Discovering.  Savoring.

My last post was about slowing down, so this is clearly a theme.  Aren’t you happiest when you’re savoring?  This concept has much relevance for relationships, and also for singularly enjoying life.  We can waste alot of precious time and energy on negativity, on worrying about what others thought / think / will think.  Living in the past, obsessing about another time / space dimension, we lose the precious present moment, and we drain our power and joy potential to an unsatisfying, ineffective pattern of worrying about what is not ok.  And the irony is that this worry causes us to miss all that IS ok.  If we are habitually focused on what could be wrong, we miss what is right, and lose the opportunity to savor.

Who doesn’t love the anticipation of a wonderful experience, and also love the moment when it arrives?  You can create alot of this joy and fun by being proactive and present.  You don’t have to spend alot of money or travel out of town to create something special.

Today is Tuesday, September 8.  Because of this, I recommend you celebrate!  Set the table tonight with the good dishes.  Plate your food with intentional beauty and garnish it with something lovely and interesting.  Close your eyes and appreciate your sense of taste.  Put a love note in your kid’s lunch box.  Surprise a friend with a card or call.  Smile at a stranger and watch what happens.  Don’t lose, but rather love these moments, whatever they are, for they are ticking by.  Buy or pick some flowers and put them in a vase.  Notice and savor what is special or beautiful.  I promise you it’s there.

Are you?

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