Space and Silence

“Genius thrives in a contemplative environment”.

Do yourself an extraordinary favor and give yourself the gift of down time.  Routinely.  Make time in your schedule for silence.

Become an astute observer of the ordinary.  Notice the wind or breeze, notice your own breath.  Notice the temperature.  Listen to silence.  Notice the angle of the sun’s reflection.  Watch the birds.

Many in our culture lead lifestyles that are noisy, chaotic, and stressful.  Then we medicate the stress by doing things that only add to the chaos.   We make a habit of activities that take us far from who we are at our core, so much so that sometimes we may even be fearful of being quiet, if only because it’s unfamiliar.

Yet space and silence are restorative.  You will feel better, have more energy, be more effective, and certainly life will be more pleasant when you can find a natural rhythm.

Listen to the space between the notes, and allow the genius in you to thrive.

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