Falling in love is easy…Staying in love..?

Stay in love is a matter of behavior, actually. Here is how you fell in love: You were intrigued by someone who is different. You were fun, playful, thoughtful and adventurous. You shared your thoughts, feelings, and perspectives. You smiled a lot. You made eye contact. When you touched, even casually, you felt it. When you kissed, you made it count. You made sure you were safe, approachable and attractive. You weren’t trying to change that person; you weren’t accusing him or her of anything. Oh, and you opened up and let yourself experience what it felt like to be loved without defenses. In all honesty, what is going to hurt to simply try being all of that today? I’ll wager that if you did, you’d have a better relationship by tomorrow. Why not give it a whirl? Thoughts and behaviors create feelings — not the other way around. Be the love, Jeannie PS – If you or someone you know would like to dramatically improve communication and connection in relationship, please consider my next weekend workshop January 5-6 in Atlanta.

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