How to Save Your Relationship

Typically, couples do not seek relationship counseling when things are going well. Often they wait until the relationship is in crisis, completely falling apart before they seek help.

The relationship may be in crisis because of some external threat or betrayal of trust, such as an affair. Or maybe the fighting has just become too frequent or painful. Perhaps the relationship has just turned cold and distant. Each of these constitutes a painful existence, and this is usually when people search for a couple’s therapist.

Relationships often follow patterns and couples often feel that they are having the same argument or negative experience over and over. It’s exhausting and unproductive. Options are to keep fighting, keep distancing, leave and start over with someone else, or get help. (Just FYI about starting over, and speaking of patterns: if you leave and start over without awareness of what is really going on under the surface, you will likely end up in the same situation.)

So the best way to save a relationship in trouble is this: do a combination of Imago Relationship Therapy and a Getting the Love You Want Weekend Workshop. Why? Several answers:

  1. Because the workshop is enlightening, connecting and extremely positive and hopeful, and gets your therapy off to a productive start.
  2. Because the workshop is efficient – it accomplishes the equivalent of weeks in therapy.
  3. Because the workshop gives you a set of tools and instructions for using them, AND….
  4. The follow-up therapy ensures that you actually use the tools you were given.
  5. It’s more cost-effective to attend a workshop, and it is CERTAINLY more cost-effective than divorce and maintaining two households!
  6. The combination of therapy and workshop increases the chances of turning a negative relationship into a positive, loving relationship in fairly short order.

Look at like this: the workshop provides a dramatic, “tectonic” shift that helps you feel closer and connected. You will leave the workshop with a new understanding and a new skill-set. The old negative patterns, however, could creep back in without regular exercise of a new skill-set. Weekly sessions coach you on staying with your new skills until they become your go-to pattern. Habits take about 12 weeks to be formed, so after you’ve invested in a workshop and experienced positive change as a result, you want to be sure the change is permanent.

Conflict is growth trying to happen. There is a reason for the power struggle phase of the relationship and the reason is NOT for you to suffer or be miserable. It IS a portal for growth and healing for you AND your partner. Sign up today. Discover the conscious, mature relationship. You will not regret the experience of growth and healing.

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