Change your focus, change your life

“When you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change”.  – Wayne Dyer

When you find yourself frustrated, annoyed, defensively reacting, avoiding your partner, you are focused on the tiny fraction of your life that is negative. What we think about is what we grow.  Negativity is toxic and addictive.

Relationship is a journey where we eventually learn that we live with an OTHER person.  When you give an appreciation to the other, tell your partner what you love about them, or do a caring behavior, you are changing the dance… and growing what is good.   What do you do that makes your partner feel safe, loved and cared about?  Do these, and magically your relationship will change.  You don’t have to lose yourself by showing up for your partner.  In fact,  you will become the very best YOU you can be!

My next workshop is May 12 & 13, here in Atlanta.  Please pass it on.  Getting The Love You Want

Live into the 80% or more that is going well.

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