One Good Reason

“Give me one reason to stay here… and I’ll turn right back around…” -Tracy Chapman, Singer Songwriter

“I’ll give you more than one” – Jeannie Ingram, Relationship Therapist

Relationships naturally present challenges, and usually trigger pain and reactive defenses. Some of these can be scary if we can’t contain strong emotion. At this point, the temptation is to walk away, file for divorce, go out and find another person and start all over. This is the sad state of many in our country, where the divorce rate is 50%.

There is another way.

Here are ten good reasons to stay:

Conflict is growth trying to happen.
The “power struggle” is only a phase in the relationship and it is our portal into “conscious love”.
The Imago tools provide a completely new paradigm for understanding what is happening when we fight with our partner.
Using these tools, you can restore your connection.
Your partner can help you heal.
Learning to use an effective dialogue replaces fighting and childish reactivitiy.
You will both feel deeply understood and validated using the Imago tools.
You will have fun with each other again.
Your relationship will provide deep meaning and profound growth as you discover healing.
You will experience a whole new and rewarding way to love.

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