Seizing Opportunities

I just returned from a camping trip with Moseley, and two other friends, who have known each other since they were 14.  The purpose of the trip was to visit their newly acquired property on the South Carolina coast.  I am honored to have been invited and thrilled to witness their amazing achievement.

When they were kids, they declared, like many of us do, that they would purchase land, preferably on the coast, and be in each other’s lives always. They made good on their intention, and my hat is off to them for so many reasons.

One of those reasons has to do with seeing and acting on an opportunity. We’re talking once in a lifetime deal on coastal property.

So often, opportunities present themselves and we hedge, perhaps out of fear or skepticism.  “Too good to be true” we may tell ourselves, until the opportunity has passed.  Our comfort zone may be to stay with the familiar “missed opportunity” paradigm.  We feel safer with what is familiar, even if it’s not working for us!   Opportunities are all around us, and we may not see or act on them, because of the “scarcity mentality”.  FEAR, often driven by the daily news that comes out of our electronic life distract or, also known as television.  Turn that stuff off and live your life!

Overcoming fear, seizing an opportunity, stepping out of skepticism and scarcity is exhilarating, rich and rewarding beyond description.  This is life!  Make good on an intention, follow your passion, live your dream, seize the opportunity.

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