Food For Thought And Growth

What we focus on is what we grow, so after yesterday’s big feast, I have a few questions as “food for thought”.

Are you focused on on scarcity or abundance?  On your fear or your faith? On wellness or illness?

Are you focused on what is working or not working? On yourself and your own growth, or on blaming others?  Peace or war?  Gratitude or anger?  Intimacy (vulnerability) or defensiveness?  Your strengths or your weaknesses?  On what you’ve got or what you could lose? On what you can do something about or what you can’t?  On what brings you joy or what brings worry?

My vote is that we operate within the spirit of gratitude for what IS and grow abundantly from there.  What we’ve got is today.  Live fully into what you’ve got now.  “When we change the way we look at things, the things we look at change”.

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