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Leaving this workshop with a ton of insight, gratitude, and connection. THANK YOU! – January 2024 Participant

Jeannie created a beautiful, safe space for just to come as we are and leave as we hope to be. It was full of giggles and tears, learning and unlearning – a power way to create everlasting changes in my marriage and beyond. – January 2024 Participant

I cannot recommend this workshop strongly enough. When we started we were already sure we were divorcing. Both of us have committed to using these tools to stay together. – January 2024 Participant

My wife and I attended, and I was ready to divorce. We recaptured the ability to laugh and love this weekend. – January 2024 Participant

Excellent workshop! Highly recommend for strengthening and building communication with your partner. – March 2023 Participant

We both realized things this weekend that we were unaware of and completely explained “the fight” for the last 16 years. The energy shift in our house is just unbelievable. You’re truly doing some amazing work.  – March 2023 Participant

We reconnected in a way we haven’t in years….- March 2023 Participant

This workshop was the best thing we’ve done for our relationship. Jeannie’s skill, approach and knowledge was exactly what we needed. The information and skills we learned probably saved our relationship. Jeannie is a real asset to anyone needing help in their relationship. – August 2022 Participant

Two days spent with Jeannie, Carolyn and Chelsea will result in a lifetime of happiness, fulfillment. Thank you guys with all of my heart. We are forever in your debt. – August 2022 Participant.

A must for any couple considering breaking up. – August 2022 Participant

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