Ten + Reasons to Attend Getting the Love You Want Weekend Workshop

  1. It is powerfully connecting in only two days.
  2. It’s economical.  You save thousands, because it is comparable to MONTHS of private sessions.
  3. You learn new things about yourself.
  4. You learn new things about your partner.
  5. Learning together is actually fun.  The
  6. By Sunday afternoon, you have dramatically improved your communication.
  7. It gets you out of the power struggle and on the path to the new way to love.
  8. It’s low risk / high reward.  You don’t have to share anything with anyone except your partner.
  9. It saves marriages.  If I had dollar for every time a couple told me it saved their marriage…
  10. It’s 100% positive.  We replace judgment of self / others with curiosity.
  11. Oh, and it is VERY connecting.  🙂  And when you’re connected, who cares who’s turn it is to take out the garbage!

Don’t wait to do this.  Most couples say they wish they had done this years ago.


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