Think your partner has changed?

Your partner probably hasn’t changed that much from when you fell in love. What changed, likely, was your experience of him / her. You were wearing rose colored glasses back then, courtesy of Mother Nature’s love potion and your very own endocrine system.

When the chemistry inevitably dropped, you experienced things you hadn’t noticed before.   Assuming you were disappointed, sad, anxious, scared, hurt or frustrated, your own defense system kicked into gear.  Of course, your defense hurt your partner, and your partner, in turn, defended in ways that hurt you.

This scenario is the problem – not your partner!   Focus on your side of the street. Make sure it’s sparkling clean, then gift your partner with a caring behavior, spoken in THEIR love language.   Be sure and use the “Platinum Rule”: Do unto others as they would have done unto them.  I’ll bet if you do that, you’ll begin see the person you fell in love with.

Oh, and daily appreciations make for a positive relationship!

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