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Getting the Love You Want Weekend Workshop for LGBT Couples

Experts say that workshops and marriage education seminars are the wave of the future. Research in the Journal of Family Psychology suggests that marriage education cuts the divorce rate significantly.  It is much more economical and effective to proactively learn about relationships through a workshop.

  • Saving your marriage or relationship may be the best investment you can make.
  • You prevent future problems and issues by learning how to address conflicts.
  • You leave knowing how to navigate the communication issue.
  • A weekend workshop is comparable to months of therapy.
  • You discover that other couples are working through similar issues.
  • You give each other an enormous gift by spending  a weekend creating the relationship you DO want.
  • You leave feeling restored and reconnected.
  • You learn to work as a team.
  • You learn to model a healthy, happy relationship for your children.
  • You will not regret this investment.
  • This is a workshop / seminar format – not group therapy.   You are never required to disclose personal details of your relationship.
  • Register 3 weeks early and receive a $50 discount.

See what previous workshop attendees are saying:

  • “Thank you again for holding an excellent workshop this weekend. You were fabulous. We both agreed that you were the best therapist we’ve ever experienced — your demeanor and method allowed for a very safe and welcoming environment.  Best of luck and I hope we are blessed to enjoy one of your workshops again”.
  • “…the workshop was a beautiful experience in every regard…unforgettable and life changing…”
  • “We are at a new place in our relationship after this weekend and cannot sufficiently thank you…”
  • “I walked away from the workshop filled with hope and ad new understanding of myself and my partner…”
  • “If you and yours want to learn some wonderful life and relationship lessons and techniques – why we are as we are, what makes each of us tick, how to truly listen to one another, how to BE in a relationship – take advantage of this…truly life changing…and Jeannies style is wonderfully peaceful and honest!”
  • “I learned constructive ways to communicate with my partner to resolve conflicts…”
  • “…life changing weekend for us truly…in our relationship as well as our personal lives with family and friends”.

Getting the Love You Want – Nashville, TN

Restore your connection in Nashville!

Are you tired of having the same argument over and over again?couple-fighting-3562352
Do you sometimes wonder what happened to the person you fell in love with?

or are you in a new relationship and want to prevent the painful stage known as the power struggle?

Are you considering divorce? Sometimes the bitter fighting or cold withdrawal are so painful that divorce begins to seem like the answer.

Before you go there, consider the fact that many couples have saved their relationship through their participation in the Getting the Love You Want Weekend Workshop.

Here is what one person in that situation had to say after the workshop:

“My partner and I participated in the Getting the Love You Want Couples Workshop about 3 years ago. Our relationship had been in trouble for over a year and my partner was on the verge of leaving me for someone else. We finally agreed to attend this workshop at the recommendation of our therapist. By the time we attended the workshop we had at least come to an uneasy truce…but, we still had lots of healing to do and decisions to make. The time we shared and the exercises we experienced, under Jeannie’s guidance were eye opening and heart opening. I was able to really walk in my partner’s moccasins and see life and relationships from the viewpoint of her childhood experiences. I began to understand WHO each of us is…both at our best and at our worst. The CHAIR EXERCISE Expressing Love was both cathartic and energizing. I fell in love with my partner all over again and at a deeper level with greater respect for who she is”…”What I do know for sure is this…I am grateful that my partner agreed to go to the workshop with me and each day I give thanks that WE continue to be a committed couple “growing our relationship.”Couple In Love - Couples Therapy

This workshop is for couples who:

have been in a relationship for a while and have grown apart
want / need to dramatically improve communication
want to restore their connection
want to get the equivalent of 30 hours of couples therapy in a weekend
have a new relationship they wish to protect, nurture and last forever
want to get out of painful, destructive patterns and create an entirely new way to love
believe their relationship will end if something doesn’t change
want to create a conscious relationship – where both people can hear, be heard, feel understood and connected again

Evaluations from the weekend are consistently positive, and most people write that they wish they had done the workshop years ago. One person wrote “every couple should do this”! Another wrote “this workshop may well have saved our relationship”.

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