Imago Research

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 Future Research

We are presently collecting for a research fund to contract with the University of Pennsylvania to conduct a random-control study of IRT. The principle investigator is Dr Lib Hembree. Dr Hembree has conducted multiple large-scale outcome studies as a researcher. The research will use multiple sites and contract with multiple Imago trained therapists. We anticipate this study will begin within one year.

SAMHSA Evidence-Based Status

The recent article by Gehlert, Schmidt, Gingerich, & Luquet was the first random-control study of Imago. The study indicated that there was a significant difference in marital happiness from pre- to post-test and while there was some loss of effect three months after treatment, the positive change was significant from pre-test to follow-up. This research, along with the many other peer-reviewed articles, will be submitted during the next open submission time frame to SAMHSA later this year. We should have an answer regarding government evidence-based status by mid02017.

Why Workshop?

Evaluating the Impact of the “Getting The Love You Want” Couples Workshop on Relational Satisfaction and Communication Patterns

Over the past 20 years, couples around the world have participated in “Getting The Love You Want” workshops in an effort to improve their relationships, yet empirical analysis of relationship improvement from these workshops is limited. The content of the workshops is based on the theory and practice of Imago relationship therapy and participants from three workshops participated in this study. Standard measures were used in preworkshop, postworkshop, and 3-month follow-up assessments to determine if the workshop had a positive impact on relational satisfaction and communication patterns of participants and if the impacts persisted after 3 months. Participant scores on both the Dyadic Adjustment Scale and the Communication Pattern Questionnaire showed significant increases post workshop, indicating the potential impact of these interventions in the short term.

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