Companies, often on an annual basis, will gather their leadership together for a few days away from the office and day to day running of the business. The purpose is to focus on the big picture, analyze their position from different perspectives, revisit the mission, bond as a team and come back inspired.  Inspired with great ideas and renewed energy, they can lead with integrity and live fully into their potential and to meet or exceed the goals.

We are about about helping people live inspired lives.

Retreats are fun, adventurous, relaxing, restful, and inspiring for individuals, couples or organizations. Retreats are where we get away from it all, focus on your big picture, and analyze where you are versus where you want to be. We’ll guide you through a series of exercises, give you some helpful feedback, challenge you to set goals, and assist with strategies to meet those goals. We’ll also get some physical exercise, have some fun and leave motivated. Our goal is to inspire you to live fully into your own potential, with renewed energy, and a meaningful sense of purpose.

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Jeannie Ingram specializes in Couples and Marriage Counseling, Imago Relationship Therapy, Individual Therapy, and Coaching. 

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