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Getting the love you want
This is the home site for Imago Relationships International, a global community of Imago Therapists and wonderful resource for couples seeking guidance.
Cute Name for Georgia and Regional Imago Therapists of the Southeast. Good resource for couples and clinicians.
Oprah on Relationships
Over the years, Oprah has posted a lot of useful information for couples.
Psychology Today
Information on a variety of topics related to human behavior. Also a good resource to find a therapist in your area.
Joe Kort
Author and Imago therapist in Royal Oak MI
Pat Love
Pat lives and practices in Austin, TX, and is the author of Hot Monogamy, The Truth About Love, and How to Improve Your Marriage Without Talking About It.
Wendy and Bob Patterson
Premier Imago Therapists and Workshop Presenters in Atlanta.
Louis and Linda McLeod
Wonderful Imago Therapists and Workshop Presenters in Atlanta.

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